Top 10 Driving Tips For PUBG Mobile-Improve Your Skills

PUBG Mobile is the best Battle Royale game on Android and iOS devices. Tencent offers many features in-game that makes the PUBG mobile more interesting. 

Vehicles in PUBG mobile have their advantages and disadvantages. It helps us to cover the major areas on the map with a decent speed. You can move quickly from one point to another with the help of these vehicles. Many a time it saves us from enemies, mostly bluezone and also acts as a cover during the fight. Vehicles have their health bar and a fuel gauge that players have to keep in mind when riding one. A lot of times the vehicles ends up becoming the target of an opponent.

Driving Skill in PUBG Mobile is an essential thing a player should know about. A proper driving can lead you to chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, today we’ll discuss Driving Tactics to improve Driving skills in PUBG Mobile.

Driving Tactics For PUBG Mobile

Driving plays a major role in big PUBG Mobile maps like Erangel and Miramar. To travel from one place to another you need a vehicle and that’s where our driving skills count.

1) Drive Slowly while driving off-road. Do not speed up on slopes as it may imbalance and damage your vehicle.

2) You can boost up on the open road as driving on terrain and through trees could be a difficult task.

3)Choose Motorbike in-game if you want to travel faster. It’s the fastest vehicle in PUBG Mobile.

4) Hugh vehicles like trucks and BRDM has a low speed. Choose your vehicle wisely.

5) Learn about all the vehicles in the respective map and get familiar with locations and use of each. This will surely come in handy during matches.

6) If you want to stop your vehicle with no damage slam the side of your vehicle on a wall or tree to stop it. It’s a really helpful trick.

7) If you’re on foot, look for vehicles alongside the roads and trails. Garages in-game mostly have a vehicle in them. Get familiar with locations.

8)Damage the tires of a vehicle to stop your enemies instantly. You can also destroy their vehicle with a spray but it might require you to fire a few rounds.

9) When in an unfavourable condition, a vehicle can also be used as a cover in-game.

10) Switch and Fire is a great technique to surprise your enemies while driving a car.

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