Top 10 Offline Low-End Android Games of March 2020

These days all android and mobile games have become online and finding good offline games are difficult if you have low-end android devices.. So this 2020 we have brought you the Top 10 Android Games for your low-end devices. The games mentioned below are of 100MB or <100MB.

10 West Gunfighter

West Gunfighter is a shooting and adventure game where you have to make your way through the Wild West either by foot or on horse, while shooting enemies and collecting rewards. Your goal in West Gunfighter is to make your way all over the city to find a coveted hidden treasure. You’ll need to survive and avoid getting shot by other outsiders in order to be successful.The game lets you buy new weapons to increase your shooting potential and kill your foes in a matter of seconds. This is one of great games to play in your low-end devices.

9 Prison Escape

Prison Escape is a 3D action game where you were put in the shows of innocent character. You have to plan an escape from prison and successfully breakout to prove your innocence. Fight with other gangsters, dig tunnels and use elements around you to escape the prison. Game has smooth intuitive controls and great graphics.

8 Crime Wars S. Andreas

Crime Wars S. Andreas is an open world crime game unlike other mobile crime games. The gameplay characters and storyline is same as othe ropen-world crime games. You can complete missions steal vehicles kill people sand enjoy the open world environment n your low-end devices.

7 Dude Theft Wars: Open World Sandbox Simulator BETA

Dude Theft Wars is a first-person sandbox action game where you can do practically anything you want in an enormous city full of possibilities. You can do anything from steal a car to drive like a maniac, and even ride a Ferris wheel.You can drive more than a dozen different vehicles, including various motorcycles and other cars. Although you may not have many weapons in the beginning, you can buy handguns, machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, etc. It is a fun action game to play in your android devices.

6 High School Gang

High School Gang is an action game very much like Bully. It is a third-person action and adventure game where you play a new student at a high school. Before long, you’ll quickly realize that your life as a student isn’t going to be easy. You’ll have to be able to deal with different gangs that you’ll have to either collaborate with or fight against. It is an excellent game the provide game play experience like Bully in your low-end android devices.

5 Takashi Ninja Warrior – Shadow of Last Samurai

Takashi – Ninja Warrior is an action game developed by Horizon Games. Takashi is one of best action RPG fighting game where you can be the bravest shadow warrior assassin who fights to stop darkness from rising. Takashi offers excellent graphic with smooth gameplay and control. Storyline of the game keep you immersed. This is one of great games to play in terms of Action and Graphics.

4 Bhai The Gangster

Bhai The Gangster is an open world action Indian game unlike GTA and other gangster games on Playstore. The dialogues, gameplay, characters and story line everything is Indian. Bhai is one of the enjoyable gangster games to play if you know Hindi. The game follows the story of Bhai who’s on the mission to take revenge of his girlfriend’s killer. Being a gangster always gets you more enemies than friends. Play as Bhai and help him in his Journey.

3 Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood

Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood is a first-person horror game where you play as Charlie, a boy who has to confront the evil ice cream man Rod Sullivan once again. This time, Rod has kidnapped your neighbor and friend Lis, and it’s your job to rescue her. It is an excellent sequel with solid graphics, precise gameplay, and a truly scary atmosphere. Plus, it has tons of puzzles and different scenarios. It’s a must try game for your android devices.

2 Miami Crime Simulator 2

Miami Crime Simulator 2 is a third person action-adventure and open world crime game. You are put in the shoes of a player who have to complete mission in Miami kills gang members steal vehicles and ply your role as a criminal in an open-world environment with great graphics and smooth gameplay controls.

1 Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving

Off The Road OTR Open World Driving is a driving game that takes place inside an open world that’s clearly inspired by Burnout: Paradise where you’re free to drive through a desert island that’s full of challenges. Open World Driving is an excellent 3D driving game that offers you tons of different events and challenges. Also, even though you’ll only have one vehicle in your garage at first, as soon as you start earning money, you can purchase a bunch of vehicles, including speedboats, helicopters, and cars. One of the best games to play in your low-end android devices.

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