Top 10 Tips For Rushing at House- PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is an enormously popular video game on Android and iOS devices. A player requires a good set of skills to win and excel in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is challenging and demanding in terms of skills, tactics and gameplay. You need a perfect strategy to carry out your plans effectively in-game. The game has various fields where players need to work on to play in a much effective manner. In this article, we’ll focus on House pushing: How to attack the compounds and houses in PUBG Mobile safely.


While rushing various factors should be considered that significantly affect the output of the task. House Pushing requires skills and you need to keep certain points and things in mind for effective result.

Tips For House Pushing in PUBG Mobile

1) Hold powerful weapons for close combat like AKM, UZI, M762 or S12K. Make sure you have fully reloaded both your primary and secondary gun before rushing to the scene.

2) Push with your full squad for proper support, cover and backup.

3) Use grenades and Molly before rushing in.

4) Don’t rush in through the window, because you can’t fire while entering through windows. Always rush in by the door with loaded weapons.   

5) Throw the grenades at all the possible ways in the compound.

6) Jiggle while spraying bullets. Do not open your scope in close-combats and keep moving.

7) Do not get hasty for finishing off your enemy.

8) Spot locations of enemies through footsteps and windows.

9)Be careful with enemies in the upper staircase when pushing through the main door.

10) Do not stand or stop at the staircase while rushing it might hold and limit the movements of your teammates leading to defeat.

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