Top 3 Android Games Like Among Us

Among Us has become one of the most popular video game of 2020. The game being released in 2018 has now dominated both the platforms PC and Mobile. InnerSloth’s colourful online multiplayer game has become the hottest trend on the Internet. The obsession of players over Among Us is unquestionable and the player base keeps increasing day by day.

The game is all about betrayal and deceit. It is played with friends, where 4-10 players take the roles of spaceship crew members. However, there’re few alien imposters among the crew whose objective is to blend in while simultaneously sabotaging and murdering the other players without being caught. In this article, we’ll talk about 3 such Mobile Games like Among Us.

Mobile Games like Among Us

Werewolf Online

Werewolf is an amazing online game where a group of villagers try to figure out who the wolf is that’s killing all their towns people. In this game compete against other users online. When the night falls Werewolf goes on the hunt. is a fun RPG with exciting gameplay options.

Town of Salem

Dive into the world of Mafia and Serial killer with Town of Salem. there are 15 inhabitants and one of them is a bloodthirsty assassin whose task is to kill each of you off. Every character has a specific role in this mysterious crime puzzle.

Hide Online

Hide Online is a third-person action game where two teams to face each other inside a closed setting. The most interesting part of this game is one of the teams is made up of objects that can camouflage themselves into the setting, and their objective is to survive, while the other team is made up of hunters armed with machine guns. This is a great multiplayer action game to enjoy with your friends.

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