Top 3 PUBG Mobile features revised in Battlegrounds Mobile India

The most popular mobile battle royale game is finally set to create new records in the country. The return of PUBG Mobile as Battlegrounds Mobile India has sparked up excitement among Indian fans and players. 

Since the pre-registration followed by Open Beta Release, Battlegrounds Mobile India has become the most favourite topic of discussion on social platforms among gamers. 

The wait is almost over for Indian mobile gamers as the game is already in its beta phase, might release anytime soon. Lucky users have got their hands on Beta BMI Beta APK + OBB. The response of fans was amazing in terms of gameplay. Here are few PUBG Mobile revised changes in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Green Hit Effects

Battlegrounds Mobile India features green Hit Effects, unlike the global version. The global version of PUBG Mobile offers several colours for players including red to set as a hit effect. But, BMI will only feature Green Hit Effects. Users can select the hit effect colour from dark green, and light yellow only.

Developers revealed this feature way back during the announcement of PUBG Mobile India. They revealed that the game would only have a green hit effect.

Gameplay changes

In terms of gameplay, players can observe only a few changes in BMI. When a player kills an opponent, the game displays the terms “you were defeated by someone” and “You finished someone.” instead “you were killed.”

Another major change in BMI is an Age restriction, under 18 players can play the game in a controlled environment. Underage players will have a time limit of 3 hours/day to play the game. These players cannot play for more than 3hours in a day. Moreover, Battlegrounds Mobile India will allow maximum spending of ₹7000 a day in-game.


You must be familiar with global version matchmaking, where you can change servers and play with users worldwide as needed. But in Battlegrounds Mobile India, Players are strictly bounded to Indian users only. Therefore, now you won’t find any global players in BMI in matchmaking.

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