Top 3 ways to Report Hackers in BGMI

Kraftons’ Battlegrounds Mobile India has dominated the mobile BR genre in the country. BGMI is almost similar to PUBG Mobile with some minor tweaks and changes in-game. BGMI has an enormous player base with millions of active players.

With the relaunch of the most anticipated game, PUBG mobile has brought not only the excitement but also the game niggles as the annoying hackers. The South Korean company also released a strict rule of conduct to deal with players using hacks to gain an advantage over other gamers.

In the last few weeks, the number of hackers has greatly increased in BGMI. It is the most common issue faced by plenty of BGMI players on an everyday basis. Even though, the developers are working to eliminate the cheaters from the game. It is not an easy or one-day feat. It may take some time until the BGMI anti-cheat system is updated. You can also contribute to maintaining a fair gameplay environment by reporting hackers in-game. Scroll down to find How? 

How To Report Hackers in BGMI

Krafton mentioned some methods in the FAQs section of BGMI to report hackers you encounter during the gameplay. There are three methods you can report hackers in BGMI 1) Email 2) In-game Customer service 3) In-game channel


To report through email players need to send a small clip to Krafton. Record a short clip that shows the hacker in action. Now collect all the information you cand, prefer the template below:

Report ticket title: Report hacker ( Enter their User ID or Username)

Video: Insert video link or attachment file

Resources to cheat: If you know what hack cheater was using you can mention it as well.

When you have all the above details with you Go To BGMI’s official website and Click ‘Contact Us’ button to report it.

In-game Customer service:

To do this, open the Settings menu of BGMI in-game, then click on the Customer Service option at the bottom left corner. Click the ‘message icon’ at the top right and send “Report Hacker” as your first message.

Once done, Enter the following details as Content, Description, and Video Link/file.

In-game channel:

Players can also direct report cheaters through the result section. Click on the Report option on your screen. select the player’s name and the method he’s using to cheat. Moreover, you can also use the player’s UID or nickname to report them. Search in add friend list then report.

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