Top 5 18 Plus Games on Android

Do you know there’re tons of adult games on Playstore, that kids play wihtout proper knowledge. By adult, I mean the game that contains blood and murderous events in storyline. Let’s have a look at such few popular titles.

5 Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans is a third person action-adventure and open world crime game. You are put in the shoes of a gangster who have to complete mission in Miami kills gang members steal vehicles and ply your role as a criminal in an open-world environment with great graphics and smooth gameplay controls. This is a must try best offline games if you’re a GTA fan.

4 GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of best games in the GTA series released back in 2004, and the game achieved a huge milestone. Developers have done a great job trying to bring this game to Android devices.

The story revolves around an African-American protagonist named Carl Johnson, who has left his hometown of Los Santos to make a new life in Liberty City. Help him on his journey to avenge his mother. It’s also 18 plus game.

3 Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is an open-world action-adventure game by Gameloft. You control a small-time crook who wants to rank up in Las Vegas’ organized crime. You can do almost anything you want on the streets of this famous city. It offers many vehicles, weapons as well as more types of missions in-game. The game has excellent graphics and include murdurous adventure of criminal. So it’s also an 18 plus game.

2 The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an action adventure game based on the comic of the same name, where you have to survive the zombie apocalypse. The game mechanics are relatively simple and one of bright and wonderful android game. This is for game is 18 plus as it offers horrific content and blood in-game. The Walking Dead delivers an exciting story full of zombies and moments of terror.

1 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA Vice City is one of the classic and successful game on PC. Developers brought it on Android a few years back and this game has done well on mobo devices. GTA VC delives every aspect of game in your touchscreen.

Game revolves around our one of fav GTA charcter Tommy. Various missions, good storyline and vehicles in game will add spice. The game has killing and abusive environment. Hence, it’s in the 18 plus category.

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