Top 5 Accessories For GAMING PC Under ₹3000

Over the year, the Indian gaming Industry had a great impact on youngsters and, have seen a significant rise in PC Gamers and enthusiast. Every 8/10 kids in India have a PC at home while 6/10 of them are Gaming. There are people who still struggles to find the best products or options for their powerful Gaming PCs.

When it comes to Gaming PC you should be very careful that your products don’t hold back your skills while gaming. It should be compatible, better and comfortable to use.

So, Today we have picked up this topic to discuss and sort out What are the FIVE Must have Gaming Accessories for your PC? We’ll be discussing some essential accessories that every Gaming PC should have. Also, I’ll share some my favorite products that our team has researched and used. Lets Begin.

Top 5 Must Have Gaming Accessories:


Gamers usually have headsets with them but speaker also play a crucial role in gaming if you’re in a compact space and want to enjoy the gaming with proper sound in a room. A decent pair of speakers are must have while gaming.

Zebronics 2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker is a Full range 2.0 gaming focused speakers that does more than simply delivering an audio. It is full packed with an excellent sound quality and offers high performance better sound while gaming. The stylish design and classic black-red color combination make it an outstanding product for gaming PC. This speaker is good for listening music, playing games and watching movies as well.


Mouse is one of most essential accessories for gaming. Selecting the comfortable and handy mouse at a time might be difficult. There’re various Gaming Mouse available in market right now but only few have proved itself through performance.

Logitech offers some of the best products for gaming PCs and G300s Optical Gaming Mouse are best, accurate, comfortable and programmable for gaming. G300s has a gamer friendly design with Black and Blue combination. It offers nine smooth controls, all boxed in your one hand. I highly recommend you Logitech G300s gaming mouse for you PC.


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Gamepad is the primary peripheral device that can be connected to your PC through USB. Players can enjoy the game through controller Instead of Keyboard and Mouse. If you like to use Game Controllers or you’re comfortable with it for playing Games on PC, Cosmic Byte C1070T Interstellar Wired Gamepad won’t disappoint you.

 It’s the best and gamepad controller out there and is also compatible with smartphones. Doesn’t cost much and is the best buy option for your Gaming PC.


Keyboard and Mouse are the mains of GAMING PC. Selecting proper, easy, and performable Keyboard is the primary task for gamers. Keyboard can highly affect your gaming performances. Every gamer has their own style and there are several aspects to have a look into, while buying a keyboard.

HP K500F Gaming Keyboard is an amazing mechanical keyboard that will make your gaming more enjoyable. Brilliant mono-chromatic light illumination, RGB, Metal Panel and sleek design of HP K500F will definitely add up to your Gaming experience.


Headsets are necessary for GAMING. Sound is very much of Importance while playing a game on PC or console. A good headset can immerse you in game beautifully. You should invest carefully on best headset for improved and high quality sound.

Redgear Cosmo Gaming Headset is brilliant headset that will introduce you to a whole new world of PC gaming. This Gaming Headset comes with a stylish design and delivers excellent sound for gaming. Noise cancellation microphone,  amazing RGB LED light effect and soft ear muffs can keep you engaged in a game for a long time.

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