Top 5 Android Games to Play in February 2020 – Free Download Part II

A new list of games to play in February is here. Check below:

5 Kick-Flight

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Kick-Flight is a 3D action game that features mid-air battles, allowing complete freedom to fly anywhere on the field. Kick-Flight is a 4v4 action game developed by CyberAgent. Players can control the characters with different personalities by tapping or swiping on the screen to compete with the other team. The characters can fly in the air and release killer moves. Collect crystals as much as possible within three minutes, and the team with more crystals will be the winner of the battle.

4 Overdrive City–Car Tycoon Game

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Overdrive City–Car Tycoon Game is a brand new car game for Android by Gameloft. It’s not a real car racing game, you get to build a car town where you can service cars, manufacture car parts and tools etc. Players can also sell their cars and do plenty of things. Game offers a pretty good graphic with the 60FPS limit. Over all, it is a fun game to play.

3 Extraordinary Ones

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Another great game from NetEase developer is Extraordinary Ones. This is an amazing online battle game with 5v5 system with players worldwide. This action-anime game has an outstanding visual with top-notch characters. Main objectives of players is to destroy your opponent’s base while defending yours. last one to defend will win the game.

2 Zombie Invasion-Survival Games

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Zombie Invasion-Survival Games is the best new zombie game for you. Escaping Zombies is no easy task, much less so when they’re hordes of the undead on your trail. It is a shooting action game to fend off the hordes of living dead and ultimately rid your city of this plague as fast as you can. You will have access to rich weapons and equipments. Be a Zombie hunter and find your ways through it. Graphics and visual are amazing with good sound effect.

1 Shadowgun War Games

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A new game by MADFINGER called Shadowgun War Games for mobile is available now for iOS and android devices. The glossy Shadowgun action game series is to embrace five on five battles very much inspired from Overwatch with 5v5 mode where each player has different abilities.Characters in the game are Slade, Jet, SARA, Willow, Revenant. It is one of best battle games out there which released recently.

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