Top 5 Beginner’s Base in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the most important thing you can do to ensure your survival is to build a decent base. Minecraft’s Survival Mode is a lot of fun. However, a player should always be on the lookout for the worst-case scenario. A good base will let you protect yourself at night and keep all the deadly hordes at bay.

Check the Top 5 Beginner’s Base in Minecraft

5) Village house

If you’re new to Minecraft who spawned across any village on the first night of your survival, take full advantage. A village provides good shelter and protection working as a great temporary base for you. You can sleep peacefully in the village beds, and lookout for materials in the morning to create your own base.

4) Dirt house

Dirt houses act as a good shelter protecting you from mobs that spawn in the night. It is a great temporary base for survival. Moreover, you can store useful items like food pickaxes, swords, and axes. Later on, scout materials to build a good proper base for yourself.

3) Basic wooden house

If you have enough time in your pocket, it is highly recommended to build a basic wooden house for starters. It provides not only shelter but good defense from hostile mobs in Minecraft. YOu can also put a fence around your base to prevent mobs at your doorstep, especially creeper.

2) Basic cobblestone house

The first two bases in our list are comparatively amazing than the three starter bases we have mentioned before. A cobblestone house is better than a Wooden house. You can craft a wooden or stone axe and begin mining stone on the first night. If you’re lucky enough to find coal you can sleep peacefully during the night.

1) Underground base

The underground base is the best and strong survival base in Minecraft. An amazing starter house for players that protect them from hostile mobs. Moreover, it also allows for a crop or tree farm. Building an underground base does not require many things. All you need to do is dig a hole. You can also convert it into a permanent base if you wish.

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