Top 5 Best Villagers in Minecraft

Villagers in Minecraft were first introduced in the 2012 update. These NPC mobs reside in villages, roam around and stick to their work on respective job block. These villagers are very helpful in-game as well as the significant source of economy in Minecraft. 

In this article, we’ve picked up the Top 5 Best Villagers in Minecraft

5) Fletcher

Job Block: Fletching Table

Fletcher’s are villagers in Minecraft who specialized in crafting arrows. Fletching Table is a workstation for these villagers. Fletchers in Minecraft trade things like bows, arrows, flint, and tipped arrows in exchange for emeralds. These bows & arrows can later be used to fight off lethal mobs within the Minecraft world. You can also get enchanted bows and crossbows from them.

4) Fisherman

Job Block: Barrel

Fishing is a great job for villagers in Minecraft. Fish for items like valuable enchanted books, bows, and experience orbs. You can later pawn all the fishes to get diamonds in Minecraft. The fisherman got a water source as well as access to a barrel. Fisherman can trade fish items and campfires.

3) Cleric

Job Block: Brewing Stand

Cleric is a great villager in Minecraft, who can but all the rotten fish sitting in your chests. You can also sell them nether wart, another resource you can easily get if you have a basic Nether farm. Cleric is helpful in terms of selling, not buying. You can also purchase Glowstone, Ender Pearls, and Bottle o’ Enchanting.

2) Librarian

Job Block: Lectern

Librarian is one of the best villagers. They are a great source to get some of the best enchantment books in the game. This enchantment book can later be converted into enchantments in Minecraft. Paper and Ink Sacs are your best bet if you want to get Emeralds from the Librarian.

1) Farmer

Job Block: Composter

Farmers are amazing villager and the best source to acquire Emeralds in the game. When it comes to trading, farmers are the best villager to trade with. You do not have to buy from a farmer, all you have to do is can set up a decent-sized plot of land to grow the food they need. For starting trades, they will either ask for Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, or Beetroots and eventually pumpkin too.

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