Top 5 Challenging Missions in GTA Vice City

Old-school gamers can never forget about this iconic video game – GTA Vice City. VC is arguably the best entry in the GTA franchise even after a decade. Tommy Vercetti of VC still holds a special place in our hearts since childhood. It is the only video game that dominated and defines our era. 

From killing gangsters to ruling the city, VC features some incredible missions in-game. However, there are many annoying missions as well that will make you quit. Here are the Top 5 Challenging Missions in GTA Vice City.

5) Keep your friends close

Keep your friends close is the best and amazing mission in GTA Vice City. It is all about betrayal and action. Tommy gets betrayed by one of his closest allies Lance Vance. The mission features one of the biggest challenges – gunfights in VC where you kill Lance, take revenge on Sonny to become the boss of Vice City.

4) Death Row

RC missions are the worst!! RC plane in Death row makes doubles the challenge where through worst traffic conditions, followed by an insane shootout, leading to a rescue. Moreover, players also have to keep an eye on Lance’s health bar(rescuee).

3) Bombs Away

ANother RC Mission. Bombs Away is the most annoying mission in VC after Demolition Man. You have to control an RC plane and use it to drop bombs on enemies as they shoot at it. Where is the challenging part? Ofcourse to Control an RC plane, the worst part ever.

2) Hit the Courier

Hit The courier may be the easiest mission in GTA VC. Tommy drives to the docks to intercept a courier, which arrives there by helicopter. He has to kill all the enemies on the docks, all in stealth, to make sure he does not get ambushed. The bad and challenging part of this mission is to control the helicopter and fly it away from gunfires.

1) Demolition Man

Demolition Man is the most challenging mission of GTA Vice City, which keeps players stuck in the game for a long time. We have to control RC helicopters to get through construction workers and guards planting the bomb. The worst part of the mission is the time limit and health of RC Helicopters that get targeted by workers there with assault rifles.

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