Top 5 Challenging Structures to build in Minecraft PE Bedrock Version

Minecraft remains one of the most iconic sandbox games for a decade. It is a widely popular exploration and creation game with hundreds of blocky elements. With the enormous popularity of Minecraft, developers released the Minecraft Pocket Edition version. PE is a mobile version of Minecraft which later turned into Bedrock Edition to meet the need of other gaming consoles. 

Building structures in the Minecraft PE (Bedrock version) is a difficult task. Mobile players are so excelled in building Minecraft structures, they have created some of the major structures which are really difficult to build in the PE Bedrock Version. 

This article lists the Top 5 Challenging Structures to build in Minecraft PE Bedrock Version.

5) Mountain Fortress

Mountain Fortress is one of the most difficult to build structures. Considering the height, size, and risk of falling down from a mountain it is not an easy feat to achieve.

4) Underwater Bunker

The next on our list is an underwater bunker. This underwater Bunker is a challenging base to build in the Minecraft PE Bedrock version. Also, when underwater players have to pay attention to a lot of different things. Beware of drowning zombies they can drown you any moment. Therefore building such a grand base that too underwater is absolutely amazing as well difficult.

3) Nether Castle

Building a Nether castle in Bedrock is most challenging than the above two structures. Nether realm is difficult to survive, the slightest mistake can cost your life.

2) Sky City

Sky City is enormous and requires many struggles. To build a Sky City on a mobile screen is a hectic task. To start players have to create a massive base in the sky. A single mistake or fall can spoil your project.

1) End base

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Defeating Ender Dragon in the PE version is very challenging, so building a base under End Island is almost impossible. If you slip and fall you’re going to die into the never-ending void.

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