Top 5 Easiest Missions in GTA San Andreas

If you’re a long-time GTA fan, you must be familiar with many GTA San Andreas missions. There are a total of 100 missions in GTA SA(101 including some scenes). Some of them are very frustrating, while a few are the easiest ones with no difficulties. These missions hardly impede your progress in-game. And, even if you fail to complete it, there is very little chance that you will fail next time. Here are such 5 Easiest Missions in GTA San Andreas.

5) Verdant Meadows

Verdant Meadows is the easiest mission in the GTA SA, where CJ has to purchase an $80K property. Considering the time when this mission pops up during gameplay, you have enough money by then. The task here is very simple; to drive from Toreno’s Ranch to Verdant Meadows Airfield with zero obstacles.

4) Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Wear Flowers in Your Hair mission is as funny and easy as it sounds. Here you have to pick up some people and do basic sightseeing in mysterious vans. If you are an average GTA driver, you can easily complete this mission in GTA San Andreas.

3) Ryder

Ryder is the second storyline mission in GTA SA where CJ learns of the importance of barbers and restaurants. In this mission, there is only one NPC who can cause a problem. The mission has a comical ending as Ryder tries to rob a fast-food store.

2) King in Exile

King in Exile is the easiest cutscene mission in GTA SA. Here, CJ gets a phone call from Catalina near the end of the mission. If he dies while he’s on the phone, the mission is failed. You should never let that happen which is not at all difficult. It’s a free mission that any GTA San Andreas players can do it on their first try.

1) Big Smoke

Big Smoke is a cutscene-only mission with no gameplay and it leads to another mission called Sweet & Kendl. It is so far the strange and easiest mission in GTA San Andreas. Also, it instantly triggers Sweet & Kendl, technically which is not a part of Big Smoke mission.

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