Top 5 Expensive Weapons in GTA Online

GTA Online features some of the most supremely powerful weapons in-game. These weapons exceptionally offer better performance than other weapons in GTA Online. GTA online weapons inventory consists of futuristic weapons, compact blasters, military rifles and many more. Do you know the top 5 Expensive Weapons in GTA Online?

Today, we’ve picked up the 5 most Expensive Weapons in GTA Online.

The Widowmaker

Widowmaker is one of the expensive as well as an explosive weapon in GTA Online designed completely for destruction. This futuristic weapon can shot down multiple enemies at a time. The gun fires plasma instead of ordinary bullets and said to have an alien origin. The Widowmaker can cause some serious damage, take down vehicles even helicopters. You can buy it from GTA Online Ammu-Nation for $449,000.

The Unholy Hellbringer

As the name sounds, the Unholy Hellbringer is an explosive weapon similar to Widowmaker. This gun can pierce down enemies in a beam of light. Compared to Widowmaker, Hellbringer performs well and is a powerful weapon in GTA Online. You can purchase from the Unholy Hellbringer Ammu-Nation for $499,000.

The Orbital Cannon

Orbital Cannon is the most destructive gun and perhaps the most expensive weapon in all of GTA Online. The capability of an orbital cannon is unimaginable, you cannot avoid it even if you are three floors away. A single shot can cause total destruction. 

For orbital cannon, players have to build a facility that costs $6 million and pay $900,000 for installation. Moreover, a manual shot of this cannon cost you around $500,000 and an automatic one cost $750,000.


Up-n-Atomizer is one of the coolest and powerful weapons in GTA Online. This futuristic weapon shoots a deadly beam that is enough to cause huge destruction. The beam explodes once it hits the target. Up-n-Atomizer has a great design with iconic blue armour and a yellow coil at front. You can get this weapon for $399,000 from Ammu-Nation in GTA Online.

The Military Rifle

Military Rifle in GTA Online is undoubtedly the most powerful gun. However, many may not agree with us. But Military Rifle has an extremely high firing rate with destructive capability. Comparatively, the Military Rifle has an edge over all the rifles in GTA Online. You can buy it for $375,500 from Ammu-Nation.

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