Top 5 Fastest Military Vehicles in GTA Online

Military vehicles in GTA Online not only tanks weapons but can also survive brutal fights. When it comes to choosing the best military vehicles, top speed is a major factor for GTA Online players alongside defense and attack. GTA Online features many military-purpose vehicles in-game. In this article, we rounded up the Top 5 Fastest Military Vehicles in GTA Online. 

5)Canis Crusader

Price – $225,000

Canis Crusader is a Military SUV Vehicle based on a Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited. Crusader comes with unique details and spawns in white colour. This off-road SUV is bulky and hence has average speed and acceleration. However, better handling fills this gap. Canis Crusade is durable, can survive excessive gunfire and multiple crashes. You can purchase it for $225,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

4)HVY Barrage


HVY Barrage is a weaponized military vehicle that marked its entry on Doomsday heist update for GTA Online. This off-road jeep has a top speed of 108.75 mph (175.02 km/h). It can easily hold up to 4 people and is considered reliable in rocky and desert landscapes. The jeep is equipped with two different turrets. Also, GTA Online players can use machine guns, grenade launchers, or miniguns depending on their choice. Overall, HVY Barrage is a powerful and dependable military vehicle in GTA Online. 

3)HVY Apocalypse Scarab


HVY Apocalypse Scarab is a military tank that was made available for purchase after the Arena Wars update in GTA Online. This vehicle has a top speed of 119.50 mph (192.32 km), specially designed for combat. The high-resistance defense can withstand numerous attacks. GTA Online players can impale random players using spikes. You can also use weaponry like machine guns and proximity mines from HVY Apocalypse Scarab. 

2)Mammoth Thruster Jetpack


Mammoth Thruster Jetpack is a very special jetpack in GTA Online designed for Military purposes. The best thing about this jetpack is, it is lightweight, fast, and versatile. You can squeeze Mammoth Thruster Jetpack easily through areas where helicopters cannot reach. The acceleration and speed of this vehicle are not an issue. Moreover, it also tanks two machine guns and rocket launchers. You can purchase Thruster Jetpack for $3,657,500 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

1)Mammoth Avenger


The Mammoth Avenger is so far the finest and fastest military vehicle with an impressive top speed of 178.50 mph (287.27 km/h). The avenger is a unique military vehicle classified as vertical take-off aircraft in GTA Online. It allows stability in higher altitudes with the capability to withstand heavy attacks in the air. Not only it has top speed but also strong defense and counterattack abilities to protect itself. Mammoth Avenger is an impressive as well as an excellent military vehicle in GTA Online.

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