Top 5 Fastest Planes in GTA Online 2021

GTA Online features many amazing vehicles in the game. It has a large collection of vehicles from supercars to deadly military aircraft. While talking about aircraft, they are the fastest way to travel across the town in GTA Online. Rockstar added tons of the super fast planes and jets in the game through many updates. Here are the Top 5 Fastest Aircraft in GTA Online.

5) Howard NX-25

Howard NX-25 was introduced in GTA Online as part of the Smuggler’s Run update. Buckingham Howard NX-25 is a fixed-wing aircraft with crazy acceleration and speed. The Howard is one of the five fastest aircraft in GTA Online. However, it is not a weaponized plane, and a good investment if you like stunts and easy travel.

4) V-65 Molotok

The V-65 Molotok is a powerful military fighter jet in GTA Online. It is an old plane with great speed and power. V-65 is a brutal military plane having great airbrakes, allowing you to stop anytime you need. Moltolk is equipped with two machine guns and a lackluster missile system, one of the deadly vehicle to have in GTA Online.

3) Hydra 

Hydra is a British military jet with great vertical take-off capabilities. It was featured as part of the Heists Update in GTA Online. Hydra is the first-ever jet in the GTA franchise having great potential. This aircraft is possessed with highly damaging explosive cannons, rockets, and heat-seeking missiles. Hydra is a great choice if you are looking to purchase an aircraft in GTA Online.

2) Rogue

Rogue is a classic, single-prop training aircraft introduced in GTA Online as part of the Smuggler’s Run update. Similar to other military vehicles, the rogue has room for machine guns, missiles, anti-intercept countermeasures, and a full-size bomb bay. Rogue is an air-to-ground combat weapon with an excellent top speed.

1) BuckinghaPyro

Buckingham Pyro is considered the fastest aircraft featured in GTA Online. Pyro is a powerful twin-boom, single-engine vintage styling plane. Known for its excellent handling and highest top-speed in GTA Online, Buckingham Pyro is superior to call. Excellent in the air to air combat, it has its own weakness too. Pyro’s machine gun is useless in air-to-ground combat.

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