Top 5 Funny Easter Eggs in GTA 5

Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto is a massive open-world franchise full of easter eggs and hidden special secrets that sometimes take years to reveal. And, GTA V is no different. 

In fact, GTA 5 has a lot of secrets that players have discovered over the years. The game is full of hidden locations, random encounters, and pop culture references that will leave you in awe.

GTA V is full of unsolved mysteries, hidden secrets to uncover on the map of Los Santos. Do you know there are some funny Easter Eggs in GTA 5? If not, explore them here.

#5 UFO in Mount Chiliad

GTA is the first game to have UFOs in the game, but you must first complete this game fully 100% to experience this Easter Egg. UFOs can be found in three different locations: Beam Me Up, Fort Zancudo, and Mount Chiliad.

UFO can be spotted in Mount Chiliad in stormy weather after 3.00 am. If you don’t believe it, you must try it for yourself.

#4 Frozen Alien (North Yankton)

After robbing a bank, Trevor and Michael escape in an SUV on the snowy roads of North Yankton. Frozen Alien is nearing the right turn in front of the bridge instead of going back to the frozen river on the right. There you can find an alien stuck in a frozen river and disappearing after a few seconds.

#3 Underwater Hatch

GTA 5 features an underwater hatch which is akin to one from the popular TV series Lost. To find it you must go to the eastern-most point of the map. However, you cannot get too close or you will be crushed under pressure.

#2 Thelma and Louise reference

This is another easter egg found in Mount Chiliad is a reference to the popular movie Thelma and Louise. To witness it in action, you must visit the spot between 7:00 am and 8:00 am. Note: Helicopters are the best way to see this scene.

#1 Ghost of Mount Gordo

The Ghost of Jolene Cranley is pretty famous in the GTA community wearing a white robe with long black hair. This secret was found near the top of Mount Gordo on a flat rock with the word JOCK written in blood. Ghost only appear between 11 pm and midnight.

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