Top 5 Games like GTA V for PC in 2021

Grand Theft Auto is the most popular video game franchise all over the world. Rockstar game’s open-world crime drama game Grand Theft Auto V is another great addition to GTA Series. GTA V follows a single-player crime story in an open world.

However, there’re many such games like GTA 5 out there for PC. Here’s the list of 5 PC games like GTA 5.

Rockstar’s cowboy action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 is the successful title which released on PC last year. The game is very much alike GTA v coming from the same publisher. This open-world game offers excellent gameplay, graphics and huge map to explore with an incredible storyline. The game follows the story of Arthur and his survival against government forces, rival gangs and other opposers.

Far Cry 3

The third main installment in the Far Cry series- Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game was released in 2012 which mainly focuses on combat and exploration. The story revolves around protagonist Jason Brody who must save his friends, who have been kidnapped by pirates, and escape from the island.

Mafia II

Mafia II is an action-adventure game released in 2010. The game is set in 99s and follows the story of Sicilian-American mobster and war veteran Vito Scaletta who struggle against Mafia crime family in the city. The game has amazing good graphics and can be played as a third-person perspective.

Sleeping dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an action-adventure video game and another great alternative for GTA. It is a clone of Gta and the story itself is enough to make it worth playing. So looking for real crime game with great action Sleeping dogs could be the next in your list. Do give it a try if you hadn’t.

La Noire

In this game you play the role of a cop instead of criminal in the city of Los Angeles. The protagonist Cole Phelps is not a modern cop… he is a detective in the city of Los Angeles during the Golden Age of Hollywood. If you’re tired of playing bad boys and gangster, be prepared to play the role of a good cop and wipe out the criminal rate in the city.

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