Top 5 GTA Online Cheap Cars 2022

Buying cars in GTA Online is not as easy as it sounds. GTA Online cars are very expensive ranging from $1 million -$3 million, an amount that most GTA Online players would be unable to afford. However, there are a plethora of low-cost cars in the game that are worth purchasing. This article mentions top 5 GTA Online cars that you can purchase for cheap (under $1 million) or get for free.

5) Sultan RS

The Sultan is one of the best cars that a player in Grand Theft Auto Online may seize and modify. After that, it can be taken to Benny’s for a personal modification to the RS (Rally Sport) variant. In GTA Online, the Sultan RS is one of the greatest cars under $1 million. Cost – $795,000

4) Pegassi Zentorno

The Zentorno was once the best car in Grand Theft Auto Online. Zentorno is still a good car that can perform well for its inexpensive price, even though its worth isn’t what it used to be.  Cost – $725,000

3) Cheval Marshall

The Cheval Marshall is one of three deadly monster trucks in GTA Online, along with the Liberator and Sasquatch. It’s a one-of-a-kind vehicle that’s practically free for all players. This vehicle was once available to returning players for free. Cost – $795,000

2) Annis Elegy RH8

In GTA Online, the Annis Elegy RH8 is one of the best cars for beginner. Gamers who have joined the Rockstar Games Social Club and linked their accounts to the game can receive the Elegy RH8 for free. The car has excellent handling and is ideal for going from place to place. It can also be converted to an Elegy Retro Custom, albeit this may be a little pricey for newcomers. Cost – $95,000

1) Imponte Duke O’Death

The Duke O’Death is an armoured variation of the standard Dukes muscle vehicle, and is the greatest ‘free’ car in GTA Online. It is sometimes compared to the armoured Kuruma, another inexpensive armoured car for beginners.

The Duke O’Death’s windows do not have bullet-resistant glass, but its armour can take far more explosions than the armoured Kuruma. It is also quicker than the rival Kuruma, however the difference is minor. Cost – $665,000

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