Top 5 GTA Online High-speed Bikes

It’s been seven years since the release of GTA V but the popularity of the game hasn’t declined a bit. Grand Theft Auto 5 has remained the most popular games around for the entirety of that period all because of GTA Online. GTA online not only offers a large open-world environment to connect players but also has some of the sexiest vehicles in-game. Today, we’ll look at the 5 fastest motorcycles in GTA Online.

Well of course, we all know cars in GTA online are way better, fastest and amazing, but bikes in-game have their own spot and are the best alternatives that deserve the attention of players. So, here ate the fastest bikes in GTA Online with their top speed.

The list of top speed bikes goes from Deathbike(150 mph) to Ruffian(127 mph) in GTA Online.

Deathbike – 150 mph

BF400 – 137 mph

Bati 801 – 135 mph

Hakuchou – 134 mph

Ruffian – 127 mph

These 5 bikes are the fastest motorcycles on a straight track. You can achieve the max speed by constantly pulling wheelies, maybe even exceed the maximum speed.

The first on our list Deathbike has a Nitro that allows the extra boost it needs to be on top speed. You can get this vehicle by investing in an Arena War workshop, then convert a Gargoyle bike for a GTA$1,269,000, which will almost cost you around $2m+ investment in GTA online.

Remaining other three bikes BF400, Bati 801, and the Hakichou – You can purchase them from the southern San Andreas Super Autos website.

All these motorcycles have better acceleration and handling. The Shotaro and the Hakuchou Drag have the highest lap speed and are available in Legendary Motorsports. For Shotaro, you need to play at least one round of the Deadline Adversary Mode and then pay $2,225,000 to get it. While Hakuchou Drag cost only $976,000. Why Death bike isn’t on top? It has the highest max speed hence the handling of Deathbike is not quite easier at top speed.

If you ask me which will be the best bike to buy in GTA Online? I will probably recommend you to purchase Bati 801 that will only cost you $15,000. This high-speed bike is not only efficient but also provides you with good acceleration and max speed.

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