Top 5 High-loot Locations In BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India has become a major routine for gamers in India. Surviving and earning chicken dinner is the only goal of this BR title. however, it is not an easy feat to win classic matches in BGMI. 

One of the major factors that determine your victory is good loots. And, for good loot players should be aware of good locations to land. here, we’ve picked the best high-loot locations from every map. Check them below:

1) Pochinki (Erangel)

Pochinki located at the center of Erangel is the largest city. It is among the top hot drops of Erangel. The houses and compounds here have high loot possibility. You can find a variety of loots here including a vehicle as well. Careful, More than 20 people land here every time.

2) Los Leones (Miramar)

Los Leones is one of the big cities in Miramar located at the center, having tall buildings, compounds, and houses. Mostly famous for the hot drop, Los Leones is not only a rich loot zone but also a deathmatch arena. Regularly at least 3-4 squads land here. The gunfight is unavoidable. This location has a high-level loot probability. If you’re lucky enough you may find flare gun too.

3) Bootcamp (Sanhok)

BootCamp in Sanhok is the most popular location with the highest loot rates. You can find every Assault Rifles, Flare Gun, and even m24 here. Bootcamp is the fav drop base of a large number of squads. The gunfight is inevitable. Be ready to defeat your enemy and survive the battle. Bootcamp can get you more kills than any other hot drops in Sanhok.

4) Midtstein (Livik)

Midstein is another most popular location on the smallest map of BGMI, Livik. This location is surrounded with several buildings and houses and a paradise for loots. Midtstein is COA to many players and mostly falls under the safe zone.

5) Hadiqa Nemo (Karakin)

Karakin is the unique map in BGMI. The major part of the map is covered with mountains and barren lands in the middle and small cities on coastal sides. 

Hadiqa Nemo on the Karakin map is a good option for landing. It usually offers good loot and falls nearby the zone. You can equip yourself with the good amount of loot here.

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