Top 5 Locations to find DRONE in PUBG Mobile “Cold Front Survival”

Pubg Mobile new Cold Front Survival mode is live now as announced previously. Players can finally experience the aspect of Call of Duty in Pubg Mobile – DRONE. This was the most anticipated update recently since revealed.

Pubg Mobile second anniversary was great with new celebration mode installed at various locations in Erangle. Now, Cold Front Survival mode brings us many new feature and elements in game including DRONE, Meat, Heater and Branch. Heater can be used during a snowstorm that occurs every once in a while. Fire Camps will be marked on the map identify and get to these places to make fire using your Branches. Players can get Meat by killing animals. Roast Meat on fire and eat it will recover your warmth.

Do you know what are the best locations to find Drone? Lets have a look at Best 5 locations which have highest probability of DRONE.


Cosmodrome in Pubg mobile Vikendi have the highest possibility of Drone. This is an abandoned research facility with broken labs and half-build skyscraper that is visible from long. Players can mostly find the drone here in a box inside the skyscrapper building. You can easily recognize it between the two spotlights. Also include other loots like Scar-L, Branch and Heater which is must needed to survive the Cold Front Survival mode.

2) Villa

Villa is another place in Vikendi is also the hot drop spot for PUBG players. You can easily find a drone in this big hotel middle of Vikendi. It won’t be easy because this place has the highest loot possibility, gun-fight is must to survive and spot the box highlighted between spotlights. Box consist of same loots including Heater, Meat and Branches.

3) Podvosto

Podvosto a small riverside village in Vikendi might not look the perfect place for Drone but it is one the place where Drone can be summoned. This is a decent loot place for squad so be prepared for fight and snowstorm. Search the location well to find a drone.

4) Goroka

Goroka located at center of Vikendi is a lakeside town with a wide opens space area. You can find the drone on the right side of the building of Goroka. There are possibilities of other squads at the location, too so be aware.

5) Airdrops

Lat but not the least which has the highest possibility of Drone is Airdrops. keep an eye for an airdrop to get your hands on it before an enemy or you have to fight them and survive as well to use DRONE.

Drone has an ability to detect enemies nearby with battery life upto 5mins. Controlling the Drone will make your character stand still so ensure that you’re at safe place before using it.

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