Top 5 Minecraft blocks to Create Strong Base

Minecraft is an open-world exploration game in which you must build strong structures. In this sandbox game, players must construct a structure to store stuff.

Building a robust, long-lasting base is vital if you intend to play Minecraft for a long period. To do this, players must employ the greatest construction materials to create sturdy structures. This article discusses the top 5 great Minecraft construction materials.

#5 Wooden Planks 

One of the most common building materials in Minecraft is wooden boards. They are easily accessible to everyone. Minecraft offers a variety of wooden planks of different colors and types. The advantages of using wooden planks are that they are renewable and you can plant trees to create a wooden farm anywhere.

#4 Cobblestone 

 Another best material to build a base in Minecraft is cobblestone. Players can easily get this, plus they are very strong by nature. Cobblestone is an amazing building material with perfect durability, it has an explosion resistance of 6 and it is flammable. Properties. Players can collect cobblestones with the help of generators or mining. It is recommended that you mix pavers with other materials to avoid making them look plain.

#3 Bricks 

 Bricks are one of the best building materials that offer an intimidating appearance. It has a detailed polished look that makes it the best building material. They are also readily available and have a high blast resistance of 6. Players can put balls of clay in an oven to melt them into bricks. Also, bricks could be a bit pricey in the early stages of Minecraft.

#2 Stone

Stones in Minecraft are basically an upgraded material of cobblestone. They are very strong, durable, and can be obtained easily as well. To get stones, players have to smelt cobblestones using a furnace. You can also obtain it using a Silk Touch pickaxe as well. Stones have similar properties to that of cobblestone, provide a high blast resistance of 6, and are inflammable.

#1 Obsidian 

Obsidian is the strongest and rarest building material in Minecraft. Players don’t need anything else if you have obsidian in your hands. Obsidian has excellent resistance to 1200 explosions. It can also be used to handle some of the most powerful attacks from powerful creatures in Minecraft such as the Ender Dragon and Wither. Note: Players can create obsidian by mixing water and lava or by trading with villagers.

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