Top 5 Minecraft Items You’ll Need to Farm in 2022

In-game, Minecraft has a plethora of items that are required for survival. These items can be highly useful throughout the game. These items frequently serve many purposes and in many critical recipes. Check the Top 5 Minecraft Items You’ll Need to Farm in 2022.

5) Wool

Wool is a resource that may be easily harvested in Minecraft. A wool automatic farm is simple to set up and may produce a large amount of wool. Wool may be used to make beds, which you’ll need a lot of in order to defeat the ender dragon. You can trade 18 wools for 1 emerald with Novice-level Shepherd villagers if you want emerald.

4) Kelp

Kelp is a very helpful Minecraft block. It can be used to make automatic elevators, XP farms, or food. Because players may use dried kelp to dry other kelp, it can be used as an XP farm. For 4000 ticks, dried kelp can be used as fuel. To stay alive, you can consume kelp.

3) Lapis Lazuli

In Minecraft, lapis lazuli is utilised for enchantment and dye production. Fortunately, farming Lapis Lazuli is not difficult, and they also provide a lot of XP. To increase the quantity of Lapis Lazuli drops, it is suggested that your Pickaxe has the Fortune enchantment.

2) Crop

Crop is used in a variety of delicious Minecraft meals, like roasted potatoes, pumpkin pie, gleaming melons, and golden carrots. Crops can also be traded with a farmer. Crops can be farmed manually or mechanically.

1) Sugarcane

Because of its use, sugar cane is undoubtedly the most significant item to grow in Minecraft. Many significant recipes, such as books, call for sugar cane. It is also used in a variety of cuisine preparations.

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