Top 5 Must Play New Games in January Android/iOS 2020 -Part II

Its a second part of Top 5 New android & iOS games to play this January 2020.

5 Exile Survival

Exile Survival is a 3D role-playing and action game set in an original world halfway between prehistoric times and medieval fantasy.Players have to to survive in this hostile world and fight against tons of enemies. You can also build your own home, cook food, and make friends with other characters.It is an excellent game that combines aspects of role-playing, survival, and action.

4 Another Day

Another Day is a 3D action-survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. It offers a gameplay experience similar to the popular Last Day on Earth, but with the typical third-person shooting system.The control system of Another Day is relatively simple. The movement stick is located on the left side of the screen, but, if you slide your finger on the right side you’ll aim your gun. The buttons to shoot, reload or collect resources are also located on the right side of the screen. If you’re a zombie fan its a must try game.

3 Trucks Off Road

Trucks Off Road is an action-packed game with mudfest and challenges in-game.Game showcase great graphics with smooth gameplay experience.Race with your vehicle over the hills and rough roads in these off-road games. You can choose from different vehicles that are suitable for this; for example a jeep, monster truck, quad or lawn mower. Try not to lose control or your balance in one of the hill racer games. Keep the vehicle under control and try to race through as many levels as possible.

2 Table Top Racing: World Tour

Table Top Racing is an arcade-battler racing game launched all the way back in 2013 for mobile.Racers are armed with weapons to fight against opponents during the race course.The Android version of games comes with extra new features and games runs smooth at 60FPS on high-end devices.Whereas, iOS 13+ device owners can play the game with an MFi, a DualShock 4, or an Xbox One controller..Table Top Racing: World Tour comes with 32 challenging tracks to master with 16 cars to upgrade over 180 events in all.So, if you’re a big racing game fan do give it a try.World Tour is a premium app on PlayStore. If you do not want to pay you can still enjoy the free version of Table Top Racing Games.

1 To Ashes

To Ashes is developed by DADIU is an adventure game.It portrays the adventure of a girl made of fire, burning through her parents’ eerie mansion.Players can Incinerate everything with your powerful fire dash.Explore big, mysterious levels. A premium handcrafted experience with custom art and music for every part of the game.We can Dash through levels filled with deranged monuments, cryptic challenges and remnants of the girl’s cheerless past.

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