Top 5 New Android Games of March 2020 – Free Download

Here are our new android games to play in March. Do try them out.

5 Shooty Seas

If you love pirate games-Shooty Seas is the best game for you. It is a strategic action game where you control the pirate ship exploring the seas and battling against tons of ships. You can customize and upgrade your ships with coins and in-game rewards. Shooty Seas offers smooth control with lots of equipments to use in game.

4 Big Helmet Heroes

Big Helmet Heroes is a PvP game where you battle against players using yor weapons you craft. You will earns points and gifts as you progress, which is helpful to develop your skills and weapons. BE ready for epic combats with your favorite weapons. This is Must try news game for android devices.

3 Mental Gun 3D

Mental Gun 3D is an FPS that lets you play online against tons of other players. The rounds are short and sweet, lasting only about five minutes each. The team who wins is the one that’s taken out the most enemies when the time runs out. Controls in Mental Gun 3D are simple. Mental Gun 3D is a great multiplayer FPS that has simple but nice-looking graphics, and a straightforward gameplay.

2 Fatal Compass

Fatal Compass is a third-person action game in which we will have to investigate an island full of dangers to try to save, once again, the future of humanity. Fatal Compass is a fun third-party action game with a realistic atmosphere that will be enjoyed by both the lovers of shooting titles and those who are passionate about MMORPG. Game consists of many missions that will put your skills on test.

1 Lego Cubes

Lego Cube is an open-world videogame that lets you experience an infinite world of possibilities. It is very much similar to Minecraft in terms of Gameplay. The game ports you in an open-world where you can create all kind of objects and structures with LEGO bricks. Travel around, get materials and tools, and build everything from scratch in an infinite world. LEGO Cube is an awesome game that will bring you a new kind of experience. You can create your own new dreamworld with LEGO.

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