Top 5 New FPS Game for Android 2020 – Part I

Do you enjoy playing Shooting Games like D.O.T.A, COD? We have brought you the best android shooting games for you.

5 Mental Gun 3D

Mental Gun 3D is a first-person shooter, in which we can play against a multitude of opponents through the Internet. The games will be quick, with a duration of just five minutes, and will win the team that has eliminated the most enemies when time runs out. 3D control system is simple with a good multiplayer FPS, which has a simple but beautiful graphic section.

4 Call of Guns

Call Of Guns is a multiplayer first-person shooter with plenty of different game modes, including capture the flag, team deathmatch, and battle royale. You can also switch between automatic and manual shooting. It has a simple gameplay, plenty of game modes, and low poly graphics, which are the icing on the cake.

3 Zula Mobile

Zula Mobile is a first-person shooter with a hint of Counter-Strike. This time, two teams of up to five players each play against each other inside relatively small maps. The size of the maps is the very thing that makes sure you’re always involved in the action. It is a great multiplayer FPS, offering a gameplay experience similar to Counter-Strike. Game also offers several game modes to play.

2 Cyber Retro punk 2069

Cyberpunk 2069 — it’s 2069. Place actions-city-dystopia-city 17. Megacorporations rule the world. You’re a mercenary. You received a contract from an unknown client. Your task is to clear city 17 from the HexCorp Corporation army that controls the entire city. Fight through the dark but colorful and impressive streets and alleys of the city 17. Look for a lot of weapons and hidden first aid kits on your way. Complete all levels and defeat the HexCorp army. Cyberpunk theme and music of the game will immerse you in your beautiful world.

1 Frontline Guard: WW2 Online Shooter

Frontline Guard: WW2 is a multiplayer shooter set in World War II, in which two teams of up to five players go head-to-head in exciting three-minute battles. The teams that have the most frags when time runs out wins. This game has great graphics, similar to those of Team Fortress 2. Overall, Frontline Guard: WW2 is an excellent multiplayer shooter, with a great game experience.

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