Top 5 New FPS Game for Android 2020 – Part II

5 Battle Forces

Battle Forces allows you to battle against players online worldwide with the several availability of weapons and equipment. You can battle in 4v4 and 5v5 mode as well. Overall game features 6 heroes to play with special abilities to destroy, to heal and many more. Detailed graphics with weapon customization and smooth gameplay, we can say its overall a package FPS game.

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4 Deer Hunter 2020

Deer Hunter 2020 is a classic shooting game set in a wildlife environment. Game provides convincing gaming experience where players have to hunt down deers and win trophies in in awe inspiring and stunningly beautiful locations, based all around the globe. This Game has Realistic graphic and beautiful wildlife with smooth controls and gameplay.

3 Strike Team Online

Strike Team Online is a first-person-shooting game still in its Beta phase right now. Being in Beta phase this game has done well in performance. Game is developed by Steve Ryu with Next Gen graphics Engine. Strike Team Online offers over 100+ weapons with customisation and excellent graphics and amazing visuals. A must try FPS android game in 2020.

2 Ace Force

Ace Force is an excellent shooting game with lots of game modes and maps. It is very much inspired from overwatch and polished and beautiful graphics of game make it more enjoyable to play.

1 Shadowgun War Games

A new game by MADFINGER called Shadowgun War Games for mobile is available now for iOS and android devices. The glossy Shadowgun action game series is to embrace five on five battles very much inspired from Overwatch with 5v5 mode where each player has different abilities.Characters in the game are Slade, Jet, SARA, Willow, Revenant. It is one of best battle games out there which released recently.

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