TOP 5 New Games to play on Android & iOS in January 2020

5 – Lumia Saga

Lumia Saga is a new MMORPG that will be landing on mobile devices.Players have to choose one of eight clasees from -Knight, Swordsman, Adjudicator, Mage, Guardian, Warlock, Scholar, Oracle — although you will be able to change classes if the situation calls for it. Lumia Saga also features a Living Skill system where players can choose a “job” as a botanist, alchemist, or cook. These will offer bonuses outside of combat, similar to most crafting/gathering professions in other MMORPGs.

4 -Taxi Sim 2020

This incredible taxi simulator game includes smooth and realistic car handling controls such as improved manual transmission (complete with 6 gears and reverse), slider pedals and real engine sounds! Plus, you’ll be able to experience driving around in different and amazing cars, complete with detailed vehicle interiors and exteriors, like the New York Yellow Taxi, the London Cab (which you’ll have to drive on the right hand side), German cars and more.


Ylands is a 2019 sandbox game developed by Bohemia Interactive.The game has been compared to Minecraft and features a built-in editor that allows players to make their own scenarios.Ylands gives players freedom in creation and modification of the countryside. Players can create their own character and choose an environment. Environments include temperate, tropical, winter etc. The editor allows the player to create their own scenario which allows gameplay set in different eras such as Wild West, medieval Europe or a steampunk world and others. Developers stated that they do not want to make any boundaries for players.

2 Project War Mobile

Project War Mobile is an online shooter action game .This is a new generation action game on Android. In story mode, you will play as a soldier of the Seventh sanctuary, solving the mystery of the undead and watch the action and drama unfold. In multiplayer mode, you will be able to fight with online players around the world, rising in the rankings to become number one. Improve your weapons and equipment, as well as raise the level of your character. In story mode, you can destroy bosses with your friends. Create your own clan and get unique rewards for completing levels.

1 Dream League 2020

Dream League soccer is an sports game and new addition to dream league series.This is a business simulation sports competition game that is truly tailored for football fans. In the game, you can control your team members to engage in an intense battle with other countries on the field. You can also build a strong team of your own, which is definitely very fun.This game integrates the members of the world’s top teams, the operation is easy to get started, and all we have to do is control our players to defeat other teams and reach the football championship.

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