TOP 5 New Offline Android Games 2020 – Part II

Bored of Playing online games ?No worries.. I’ve brought you the Top 5 New offline games of 2020 for your android devices.

5 – Overleague Race To Glory

Overleague Race To Glory is a highly dynamic racing game with battles, overcoming various obstacles, intense competition and many other features. Game fits perfectly with beautiful graphics, practical controls and a weakened physics. The arcade component doesn’t distract you too much from the difficulties of controlling the car, and helps you focus on the precise weapon control and timely use of another class of bonuses. Acceleration, invulnerability, increased firepower and much more give the race leaders an advantage.

4 – A.L.B

A Little Bird is a puzzle game about conformity and change.The game takes you in a adventurous journey of puzzle were the consequences depends on our choices.Game fatures the princess, who has decided to take over her father’s kingdom as its ruler, has her destiny in your hands.ALB offers 20 different types of puzzles along with beautiful illustrations.

3 – Ghost Fight

Ghost Fight is a battle action game with various animated character.Game display an artistic graphics with combat action gameplay. The game is much like an combat action game with special character moves,players can trains and fight in Battle arena.

2 – Stickfight Battle

Stick Fight is a physics-based fighting game where you battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of the internet . Fight it out against your friends or find random sticks from around the world or AI.Players can control the Stick figure to run, jump, and fight. Face off against each other in 4- stick fight free-for-all.

1 – The Last Remanant

The Last Remnant is a role-playing video game.The game is set in a fictional world, divided into multiple city-states and inhabited by four different species. Their past includes a conflict over “Remnants”, magical artifacts of varying forms. The player controls Rush Sykes, a human searching for his sister during the war. It features a unique battle system in which the player commands multiple groups, or “unions”, of characters rather than individual units.The player controls Rush Sykes, the protagonist, and moves him around the world screen within an area, the player can talk to anyone, enter buildings and other areas, or exit to the map screen.

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