Top 5 New Survival Games for Android 2020 – Free Download

Tired of playing same shooting action games? Try our top 5 survival games for your Android Devices.

5 Welcome to Days of Decay

Days of Decay is a third-person survival RPG where you play a man with amnesia who wakes up half-clothed in the middle of nowhere. Find food and shelter basic needs to survive. The main aim of game is to collect resources and use it to create an object. It is an excellent survival RPG game for Android devices,

4 Winter Survival

Winter Survival is an action RPG similar to Last Day on Earth and Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy. It’s openly inspired by a Game of Thrones-like universe. Simple control systems with an excellent survival RPG that follows the footsteps of Last Day on Earth. Its backdrop is unique. It has fun game systems and amazing graphics.


3 Dead Island: Survivors – Zombie Tower Defense

Dead Island: Survivors is a Hack & Slash game from Techland Studios. It is part Hack & Slash and part Tower Defense where strategy is key. You’ll be unlocking access to tropical paradise islands swarming with zombies. With several mission types to choose from, kill zombies to survive. Game features unique elements too, it is a decent survival game for your Android devices.

2 Exile Survival

Exile Survival is a 3D role-playing and action game set in an original world halfway between prehistoric times and medieval fantasy.Players have to to survive in this hostile world and fight against tons of enemies. You can also build your own home, cook food, and make friends with other characters.It is an excellent game that combines aspects of role-playing, survival, and action.

1 Among The Dead Ones

Among The Dead Ones is a first-person survival-action game puts you in the shoes of a zombie apocalypse survivor and explore a vast, empty world full of zombies. The game has good controls with lots of weapons and equipments to get rid against zombies. Among The Dead Ones offer outstanding graphics as it uses Unreal Engine 4 and also great combat gameplay.

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