Top 5 Offline Android Games August 2020

The new month has finally started and we’re back with our Top Android Games article. Here are the 5 Best offline Android Games to enjoy this month.

5 Green Glass

Green Glass is an action-adventure RPG game from NetEase developers. You control a warrior who accompany a woman throughout his journey fighting against enemies and obstacles on your way. Green Glass is a beautiful adventure game with colorful graphics. The controls in Green Glass are intuitive and perfectly placed. The game is best not only in terms of combat but also offers a great interactive experience.

4 Life is Strange

Life is Strange is another epic story based game that narrates an episodic story with a supernatural twist, where your choices matters. Players can rewind time and affect past, present and future.

Each episodes have its own key moments where characters have to deal with everyday life issues like depression, suicide, bullying, mental illness, etc. This interactive game with twist allows you to explore time and events.Life is Strange, five episodic game have distinct and intense soundtrack that makes the game more interesting to play.

3 ScarFall- Battle Royale Game

ScarFall is an offline battle royale game like PUBG mobile, where fifty players are transported to an island full of weapons, and battle to the death. After about fifteen minutes of combat, the last player standing is crowned as the winner. Plenty of weapons to choose from handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades and more. You can play in both TPP and FPP mode.

2 Shadow Fighters 3

Shadow Fighters 3 is the next installment in shadow fighter series. This 3d action game is the most amazing offline game to enjoy on Android. You have to create your own warrior, equip him with tons of armor and weapons, and try to defeat all the enemies you encounter. Amazing animation and excellent graphics makes this action game one of best to play on Android devices.

1 Assassin’s Creed Identity

Ubisoft Entertainment’s Assassin’s Creed Identity is an action-adventure video game released for Android devices. the story takes place in the European Renaissance.. Complete several missions including campaign and side quest to keep progressing further. The excellent graphics, smooth gameplay.

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