Top 5 Offline Games for Android/iOS 2020 <100MB - Part II

Do you have low-end devices and want to play some good new games? Check the list below for top five Android & iOS Games of 2020 <100MB.

5 Skyturns

Skyturns is a groundbreaking platform game about perfection. If you find satisfaction in executing a perfect run, chances are that you will enjoy this game a lot. It is all about flow. There are 5 chapters of 10 levels, each with many hours of gameplay. The game is heavily inspired by the cult classic Elasto Mania.

4 Guntoss: Cyborg Arm

Guntoss Cyborg Arm is a 2D-action-platformer in which events develop in the near future. Gamers will lead one of the five fighters that will make an unexpected raid into the very heart of the enemy to destroy the main computer, with the help of which the villain controls his legions.

3 BMX free Style Extreme

BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D is a free and fun Sports game published by EnJen Games. It is an offline BMX simulator game where player execute a sequence of tricks around an obstacle in park. The game features character customization, bicycle modification and five fantastic maps with different obstacles that make it fun to play.

2 BunnyHop-Bhop

Bunny Hop is an offline game similar counterstrike on hop style. The game involves jumping from one location to different. Game features different maps with various knives. Game gets harder as we move forward.Concepts of game is amazing with decent controls and Graphics.

1 Human Gangs 2

Human Gang 2 is a puzzle solving fight game unlike Human Fall flat. Fight back against the gang solving logical puzzles. Players can pick objects around to attack enemies and solve puzzles. Game offer a cartoonist graphics with a jelly like character. It is a must try fun game for your devices.

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