Top 5 Old & Fun Android Games for Quarantine

Remember when smart phones were just introduced to the world and game we were enjoying those days were mostly shooting and hack and slash mobile game. Let us have a look at old but fun Android games to kill time in Quarantine.

5 Candy Crush (2012)

No wonder Candy Crush is one hell of addictive game, played by half of population in India when introduced. Candy Crush is a popping match 3 game from King with more than hundreds of level which keeps you going on and on.The game is quite good to cut time if you’re bored and was played by every third person once.

4 Doodle Jump (2009)

Doodle Jump is a simple game where you have a fun character whose sole purpose is to go as high as possible.The controls are very simple, you only have to move your character from one side to another. This is a simple and fun game released back in 2009.

3 Cut The Rope (2010)

Cut the Rope is a fun puzzle game where you have to cut a series of ropes and overcome various obstacles to feed candy to a nice green creature. it follows the same concept as other old games did-clear the level and progress further. Cut the Rope was one of the most addictive games on android.


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2 Vector (2010)

Vector was the most played and one of best game during those days. Vector is a two dimensional platform game that can be summed up as a perfect mix of Mirrors edge, perfectly adapted for touch screens. You play as main character, an unsung hero that uses the ‘Parkour’ to escape from enemy. Vector is a fast moving and enjoyable platform game releassed back on android devices.

1 Fruit Ninja® (2010)

Fruit Ninja came pre-installed in many android devices and were popular at that time. Fruit Ninja is a fun game for all ages in which you use your finger to cut all the fruit flying on your screen. you have to keep playing and progressing to unlock higher levels. the now has been made tough as compared to old one. Still, it is fun to play.

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