Top 5 Open World Android Games 2020 – Part II

2019 was a great year with a list of good games. But 2020 will be amazing with a bunch of best games to reveal this year. We have covered some best 5 open world games this year to play -Part II.

5 Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure is a open world ski sport game.You have just one goal in this exciting sports game: have a great time skiing down the mountain. Grand Mountain adventure has very simple controls and alsoyou can unlock many rewards as you ski down the mountain and complete challenges.This is a fantastic skiing game. It not only has some of the most impressive graphics, but also incredibly fun gameplay.

4 Siege of Thrones

Siege of Thrones is an addicting strategy game that’s openly based on the acclaimed TV show Game of Thrones. Players choose to join one of the three main houses within the game.Battles in Siege of Thrones are fast-paced and relatively simple. Players select one of three different orders within each troop which works similarly to the schoolyard classic rock-paper-scissors. Over all, Siege of Thrones is a good strategy game.

3 Ylands

Ylands is a 2019 sandbox game developed by Bohemia Interactive.The game has been compared to Minecraft and features a built-in editor that allows players to make their own scenarios. Ylands gives players freedom in creation and modification of the countryside. Players can create their own character and choose an environment. Environments include temperate, tropical, winter, etc. The editor allows the player to create their own scenario which allows gameplay set in different eras such as Wild West, medieval Europe or a steampunk world and others. Developers stated that they do not want to make any boundaries for players.

2 Sky: Children of the Light

Screenshot Image

Sky: Light Awaits is a puzzle adventure game released by Thatgamecompany,. Sky: Light Await will take you on an adventurous adventure in the fantasy world. A colorful world, poetic landscapes are waiting for you to discover. It takes you on a journey to find mystery hidden in forgotten kingdom. You have to fly towards the light and stay away from the cruel night. The game has beautiful graphics and smooth control.

1 Chronicle of Forgotten

Chronicle of Forgotten is a new action RPG game developed on Unreal Engine 4 engine played as third-person perspective. Go through various obstacles, killing enemies explore beautiful locations in game. Game has an amazing graphic with unique soundtrack and dynamic game play. This game is one of great mobo RPG games available for free on PlayStore.

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