Top 5 Rare & Wonderful Structures in Minecraft

Minecraft features several wonderful rare structures in-game. These are unique Minecraft blocks found in the different environments across the map. Mojang’s open-world sandbox game has many structures with valuable loot and resources. All of them have different rarity levels in the game. Look at the Top 5 Rare & Wonderful Structures in Minecraft

5) Ocean monuments

Ocean monuments are the biggest prismarine temples in Minecraft. It is huge, shiny, and attractive. You can mostly find it in deep ocean-type biomes. This monument is colonized by guardians, as well as three elder guardians in fixed positions. You can naturally find items like wet sponges, along with eight blocks of gold as treasure here. Ocean monument is a massive structure having a random maze in the center. You have to buy a map from a Cartographer if you wish to visit this location in Minecraft.

4) Swamp huts

Swamp huts are excellent structures for several reasons in Minecraft. It also goes by the name witch huts – the small houses often spawn in swamp biomes. The hut contains a cauldron and a crafting table. The fundamental feature about these huts is that they automatically spawn Witches and black cats. Which can later be used to create a witch farm, as witches will spawn automatically here.

3) Strongholds

Strongholds in Minecraft are mainly maze-shaped stone brick structures with many rooms including one with a generally inactive end portal frame. It is considered one of the rarest structures in Minecraft, players who want to get to the end realm need to find strongholds. In addition to the aforementioned portal room in a fortress, players will find libraries and various loot chests. To find the closest stronghold, just throw an eye of ender.

2) Woodland mansions

Woodland mansions in Minecraft are one of the best and coolest structures overall. They are massive buildings usually build of dark oak wood and a cobblestone foundation. The structure has 3 floors full of numerous rooms containing loot chests. The loot includes name tags, diamond armor, and even music discs. While few rooms are visible some of them are hidden as well. Woodland mansions are inhabited by Evokers and Vindicators. The structure is usually found in dark forest biomes, probably thousands of blocks away from the player’s spawn point.

1) Fossils

Fossils are one of the coolest-looking structures in Minecraft and quite rare to come across the map. It is a rarely-occurring skeletal structure made of bone blocks, coal ore, and diamond ore. The structure spawns very rarely, but whenever they do, it is massive. It has 4 types of skulls and 4 types of spines, along with the largest containing 120 bone blocks and 120 coal blocks.

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