Top 5 RPG Games Android & iOS – 2020

Tired of playing RPG on PC and Console?..Here I have listed some Best Role-Play-Games for Android and iOS devices.

5 Bleach Soul Bankai

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BLEACH: Soul Bankai is a 2D action adapted from the anime series Bleach.It’s a Japanese style “side-scrolling beat ’em up RPG.” Gameplay is very simple. On the left side of the screen, you have direction buttons to move left and right, while on the right, you have action buttons and a button to jump. As you unlock new special skills, you’ll get more buttons.Levels are pretty short, lasting only a minute or two. That said, you’ll still have to face off against all kinds of monsters and an occasional boss. Between levels, you can unlock new characters to add to your collection or level up the characters you already have.

4 Ragnania

Ragnania is a mobile action RPG where players role-play as a candidate with his own servant. Command your servant in your battle with other online candidates in real-time for glory and fame.The humans that survived the destruction of the old world rely on the resources of the Benta to rebuild civilization, and the last city, “Ragnania”, is alive.The gameplay is good with decent sound and great graphics.

3 Pascal Wager

Pascal’s Wager is an action role playing game with the style of dark fantasy,develped by Tipsworks. The game is available for Android now.New RPG Game attempts to recreate the magic andstage time to a game called Pascal’s Wager.Pascal’s Wager is graphically beautiful, with high-end visuals, audio, and gameplay that is similar to From Software’s Dark Souls games based on an argument from a 17th-century philosopher, Blaise Pascal, who posited that humans bet with their lives that God either exists or does not.Game will be available for android soon.

2 VGame

VGames is an action role play game that takes place in another diemension. Players must walk between the real and parallel world solving the quest.You communicate with the organizational partners in the real world, and jointly resist the strangeness that exists only in the parallel world battling enemies.We have to keep solving the clue as we go further.

1 Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is finally coming to mobile and slated to release in 2020.However,the release date is still unknown yet. Capcom released the new game-play trailer for first Devil May Cry mobile game.Mobile version looks almost similar to PC Games.Combat and graphics are incredible with awesome combos in game.The devil May cry is yet to be announced.

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