Top 5 Tips to Improve K/D in PUBG Mobile Lite

After the launch of PUBG Mobile, Krafton did not overlook the low-end devices that couldn’t run PUBG Mobile smoothly. Hence, introduced PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG Mobile Lite version enables players to experience similar smooth gameplay experiences on their low-end mobile phones. 

In this game, every player battles among the 100 players on the respective map to get chicken dinner. Getting a chicken dinner isn’t the only source of satisfaction here, maintaining the K/D ratio is also the primary goal of many. 

#1 Hotdrops

To get more kill jumping at a Hot-drop location won’t disappoint you. It not only increases the probability of getting more kills but also challenges you to your limits. The survival at the hot drop location will definitely define your game.

#2 Play with teammates

Teamwork is key to winning every battle in Pubg Mobile. Even if you are not a pro but have better-coordinated gameplay. The fight is totally up to you. Teamwork increases the chances of profit and survival, which indirectly leads to more deaths. Play as an individual but kill as one.

#3 Rush 

Rush gameplay is another great tip to secure more kills. YOu should be highly active and confident. Knock an enemy down and rush with the help of throwables like molly and grenade to lower their HP. In this manner, you can easily get more kills. Apart from this, you can rush towards the squad as soon as you get your hands on a good weapon after landing. YOu might get some good kills.

#4 Train

Training is very essential to improve your in-game skills. In battle-royale games like PUBG Mobile, you have to adapt and practice regularly to improve and hone your skills. The more your level rank rises, the tougher the opponents you face. Practice and train your reflexes and recoil control parallelly. Upper-tier PUBG mobile opponents are very strong, you need a good set of skills to climb higher in-game. Training and grinding will make climbing up tiers quick and easier.

#5 Confirm kills

Getting more kills in your pocket is the fastest method to level up quickly in PUBG Mobile. Learn about your gameplay style and set your layout accordingly. This benefits your gameplay style and skills. Equip perfect suitable and lethal weapon combos depending on your style.

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