Top 5 Tips to play PUBG Mobile & BGMI Lag free in Low-end devices

No matter how skillful a player is, a low-end device can ruin the fun and excitement in Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile & BGMI. Low FPS, lag, device heating is not only frustrating and annoying but also limit your gameplay. If you are a low-end device player who often encounters lag, FPS drop issues in PUBG Mobile or BGMI you are in the right place. We have mentioned a few tips and tricks to play PUBG Mobile & Battlegrounds Mobile India smoothly on low-end devices.

1) Safe Gameplay

If you have a low-end device playing safely is the best decision to win in Pubg mobile or battlegrounds mobile India. Hot drops will definitely spoil your gameplay with heavy lag and you may have to pay a high price. Therefore, the best choice is to land somewhere safely or at low-risk locations where you can peacefully loot and then rush towards the zone with minimal lag.

2) Engagement Timing

When to engage in a fight? plays a significant role especially if you have a low-end device. You must always keep an eye on the circle and enemies alive. Make the right decision so that you won’t experience much lag during the engagement. The best trick here is to avoid fights until the last circle, this will keep you are away from lag.

3) Play in cold conditions

Many players might not be aware but when your device heats up it results in lag. Even high-end devices face lag issues due to heat. Always make sure you play in a cold conditions. A hot day can also heat up your device from Inside out. Colder the device smoother the gameplay. Also, avoid playing while charging your device, it may spoil your gameplay with lag.

4) Make use of Throwables

When playing on low-end devices, throwables are your best friends. Always maintain a moderate distance from your enemies to avoid lag. Knock them out and try to secure your kill using throwables. Here, close-combats can result in lag and might get you killed. Hence, it is always best to use throwables in a fight

5) Play at 40FPS

To avoid FPS drop problems in PUBG Mobile and BGMI during gameplay, it is best to choose to play at 40fps. Once you get used to or familiar with the frame rates you can easily handle enemies in your vicinity.

What device do you use to play PUBG Mobile or BGMI?

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