Top 5 Unique Mobs in Minecraft 2021

There are many different types of mobs in Minecraft. These mobs play a significant role in the game. While some are spawned naturally few are created by players. Usually, there are three types of mobs in Minecraft – hostile, neutral, and passive, each has its characteristics. In this article, we are going to have a look at unique mobs in Minecraft.

5) Brown mooshroom

Brown Mushroom is the rarest mob in Minecraft spawn in mushroom fields biomes. When a normal mushroom is struck by a lightning bolt, a Brown mooshroom comes into existence. If players give a small flower to a brown mooshroom, it can be milked using a bowl to get suspicious stew.

4) Enderman

Enderman is the mysterious unique tall mob in Minecraft that can be found across all three dimensions. They only attack players if provoked. An enderman when killed drops 0-1 ender pearls. Ender pearls are a valuable item in Minecraft that is used to craft the eyes of ender. The eye of ender is an essential item to locate a stronghold and enter the end dimension.

3) Goats

Goats are another unique mob in Minecraft that can jump up to ten blocks high in the air. They may look like a common mob in-game and can be found in mountain biomes. They roam more around during the daytime. Goats are a source of milk and goat horns in Minecraft.

2) Snow Golem

Snow Golem is a unique mob that looks like a snowman and defends you against other mobs. However, they do not spawn naturally. You can create it by placing two snow blocks vertically and a Jack o’lantern on top.

1) Jockey mobs

Jockeys are one of the rare neutral mobs in Minecraft. They mostly ride on top of another mob. Minecraft has five different jockey mobs: skeleton jockey, spider jockey, chicken jockey, strider jockey, and ravager jockey. You can separate them unless one of the mob is killed in-game.

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