Top 5 Useful Mobs In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the few games which lets your creativity out without any limits. It is an open-world exploration sandbox title full of hostile mob in-game. These mobs can be found in various biomes. While many of them are quite dangerous, few are friendly and can be useful for you as well.

Mobs are divided into three types in Minecraft: hostile, passive, and neutral. Hostile mobs will try to attack you as soon as they you whereas passive mobs won’t attack even if players hurt them. Neutral ones prefer to mind their own business in the Minecraft world until somebody hits them.

 These mobs when killed drop useful items that can be used for survival in the game. Players also have a high probability of getting rare items by killing a mob. Here are the 5 most useful mobs in the game:

5. Enderman

Enderman is the most common mob in Minecraft that can be found across all three dimensions. Other than shulkers in end cities, endermen are the only mob that spawn in this realm.

While fighting enderman, players have to be careful as they can teleport  and close the distance quickly to deal massive damage. Eyes of ender is an essential item to locate a stronghold and enter the end dimension.

4. Iron Golem

With the help of villagers, players can create iron golem farms. When an iron golem dies or gets killed, it drops three to four iron ingots. Since they are easy to respawn, players can get tons of iron ingots.

Iron ingots can use these iron golems to protect their bases or villages from the earlier mentioned hostile mobs.

3. Shulker

Shulkers spawn in the end cities and are the only source of shulker shells. Shulkers were a game-changing mob because of their drops. These shells are used to create a valuable item in Minecraft called a shulker box.

The shulker box can be used to store numerous items, as it occupies only one spot in the inventory. One positive side is that when broken, they do not drop items inside them.

2. Piglin

Pigling were a revolutionary mob which was later added in the game via the 1.16 Nether update. Player can trade with piglins by giving them gold ingots and in return they will provide players with random items from a pool of 18 unique loot like quartz, ender pearls, fire resistance potions, etc.

1. Villager

Without any second thoughts, villagers are the most useful mob found in Minecraft. Players can give roles or professions to villagers and trade with them to get many valuable items like enchanted books, diamond gear, food, emeralds, and more.

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