Top 5 Vehicles To Buy In GTA Online

Apart from missions and role play elements, vehicles are one of the most significant aspect of GTA Online. It does not only help you standout from other players, but also gives you an edge over others. The game features over 100s of amazing fastest vehicles from bikes, cars to jet planes.

With the vast size of the GTA online map and time restricted missions, players need vehicles to get themselves from one end to another. Also, the game being PvP, your ride need to have offensive power as well. One more criteria for being the “must own” vehicles is being mandatory of helpful for missions,

Here is the list of 5 must have vehicles in GTA Online:

5. Terrorbyte

In an offensive game world, where each player is trying to kill others, owning an armored vehicles is a must have. Being able to take over 30 direct rocket hits and still keeping the player safe is the reason this vehicle is featured here.

On top of it being able to upgrade the Oppressor Mk II makes this vehicle an over powered option to own. Also, the Terrorbyte is needed in Paige Harris’ missions, along with other businesses. 

4. Kosatka

This vehicle need you to have a big bag to be able to purchase. Player need $2.2 million at minimum which can be used to travel under the water. However the huge price tag can be easily justified, as its mandatory for carrying out the Cayo Perico Heist.

Considering this heist is a top-tier moneymaker, this point alone makes the huge investment on Kosatka worthy of it. Besides the heist you will hardly use the vehicle, but this is a serious money making investment.

3. Buzzard Attack Helicopter

An air-borne vehicle is a boon to GTA Online players as mobility is the most crucial aspects of a vehicle in the game. The attack helicopter also comes equipped with offensive abilities to help players in PvP situations.

Players can spawn it instantly to travel from one place to another in this gigantic map. It works wonderfully as a backup vehicle.

2. Toreador

There are not many vehicles which outweigh the usefulness and versatility of Pegassi Toreador. It is a fast car equipped with booster to help you with mobility across the map. Being weaponized with missiles it also helps player with offensive capabilities highly potent.

The vehicles can also help you navigate underwater. Unlike the earlier mentioned Kosatka, the Toreador has far more use in PvP settings. Also its faster speed makes it more viable for traveling underwater.

1. Oppressor Mk II

The Oppressor Mk II is one of the most hated vehicle in the game only if it is not in your hands. This is due to its potential to destroy any player with its offensive capabilities. Other than being a potent weaponized vehicle, the Oppressor Mk II is known for being highly mobile.

The air borne vehicle can fly and has great handling which out performs most other vehicles in sky. Its offensive capabilities are nearly unmatched. The Oppressor Mk II dominates freemode and is worth every dollar in GTA Online.

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