Top 5 War Games for Android Devices – Free Download

We have discussed the games in many categories yet but never discuss about the war games for android devices let’s have a look at some best war games to play in your Android devices.

5 World War Polygon: WW2 shooter

World War Polygon is a first-person shooter from WW2 where you play the role of a soldier. The games takes you in a battle d-Day with lots of war and action and epic moments. Endure the war and complete your task moving forward.It’s a traditional single-player first-person shooting game with amazing gameplay .This is one good war game for your android devices.

4 Battle Supremacy

Battle Supremacy is a tank combat game with great visuals and tons of action.The is set in a fully-interactive open world environment.You are assigned a simple tasks to destroy the tanks and win battles to keep progressing.Overall the game has decent graphics to keep you engaged.

3 World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game

World of Warships Blitz is a mobile adaptation of the highly successful Wargaming MMO, by the creators of the well-known World of Tanks.You participate in small battles of up to 5vs5 players in closed environments where you defeat the rival team. World of Warships Blitz manages to bring the energy of its big brother War gaming MMO to Android thanks to a simplified control system and excellent graphics.

2 Brothers in Arms® 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is a third-person shooting game where you control Sergeant Wright, a war hero who has to fight the Nazis in the days after the Normandy landings. Play the game as protagonist Sergeant Wright. Game offers a good arsenal of different weapons like machine guns, missile launchers, sniper rifles, and shotguns. This is an outstanding third-person action game with excellent graphics and a gameplay that’s perfectly adapted to touchscreens.

1 World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

World War Heroes is a multiplayer first-person action game where you participate in the most important battles of WWII. The game lets you play in classic Deathmatch mode individually or in teams, as well as the well-known bomb deactivation mode and another where you get to drive tanks. Game offers perfect control with a first-person point of view. IT’s an excellent war game with amazing visuals.

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