Top 5 Worst Missions in GTA San Andreas

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Rockstar Games’ GTA San Andreas is the most popular GTA Mobile game. The missions and storyline in SA are one of the major reason why the game is liked more. Also, there are many worst missions in GTA San Andreas. This article presents the Top 5 Worst Missions in GTA San Andreas.

#5 Freefall

Freefall is one of the most difficult main-line missions in GTA SA. It takes at the very least several tries to complete. The mission is given to CJ by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone from his office in Caligula’s Palace. You eventually realise it is not easy to ride a plane in SA. CJ is given the slowest plane in the game, the Dodo, to chase one of the fastest planes in the game. This makes it the worst mission in GTA SA.

#4 Learning to fly

Learning to fly is one of the hardest missions in the game. It’s very frustrating. This is the most hated mission in SA. The undercover government agent Mike Toreno assign this mission to protagonist Carl Johnson. It is a series of ten mission that unlocks a lot of features in-game. You cannot delay it.

#3 Robbing uncle sam

Robbing uncle sam is not an easy task in the San Andreas. It is the toughest and last mission assigned by Grove Street Families member Ryder from his house. You have to attack an army supply depot and rob some guns. The hardest part is multitasking in this mission.

#2 Farewell, My Love…

The second worst mission of GTA SA on our list features the final physical appearance of CJ’s old flame, Catalina. Catalina left CJ for Claude., GTA III’s protagonist. Claude also appears in this mission as well. CJ challenges Catalina for a race on the road filled with deadly obstacles. You might fail your mission if not careful.

#1 Supply Lines

RC missions are terrible missions in GTA. Most of the players find it difficult to clear such missions. And Supply lines is one of the worst missions in San Andreas. You have to take out some rival delivery boys using the RC plane to shoot them down till you run out of fuel. Flying the plane is much harder when you try to avoid hitting buildings, lights or vehicles.

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