Top Battle Royale Games Under 150MB | Android Games 2020

When it comes to battle royale games, undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game in India. PUBG mobile stands out as best, dominating the Battle Royale genre in mobile gaming. This battle royale has become a phenomenon with millions of player base. PUBG Mobile is one of the best in the country, has always been surrounded with controversies.

Previously, PUBG mobile ban in India was the trending topic on the Internet. Since then, various battle royale games like PUBG Mobile were discovered, in case if PUBG gets banned in India. You all must be familiar with some popular titles like COD: Mobile, Fortnite etc.

But, let’s have a look at Battle Royale Games Under 150MB for low-end android devices.

Swag Shooter Battle Royale

Swag Shooter takes you to the swaggy journey on the survival battlegrounds. Experience the helicopter landing on the battlefield with 3 chances to survive till the end. Fight against all the shooters with loaded guns to be the ultimate Swag shooter. Defeat every player with specialized tactics and strategy to reach the best online and offline multiplayer game of the year. The game hardly requires much space on your device

Battle Royale 3D– Warrior63

Battle Royale 3D– Warrior63 is an online battle royale game where 63 players battle it out on an island with weapons and vehicles. The match lasts maximum for 20 minutes where you have to fight more in less time. The game offers great graphics, precise controls, and a good community of players for an online battle-royale shooter game.

Free Battle Royale Fire Force

Free Battle Royale Fire Force is an online/offline battle-royale game with multiple game modes such as Squad Mode, Team Battle and more. The game features smooth controls, great graphics and is much less demanding on your Android devices.

Free Survival: fire battlegrounds

 Free Survival: fire battleground is a third-person action game inspired by PUBG Mobile. You have to fight against all and only one player survives. It offers simple gameplay control with amazing graphics and lots of weapons to choose from. Free Survival: fire battlegrounds is an incredibly fun game that takes less memory space on your device.

Pixel Gun Mobile Shooter

Pixel Gun Mobile Shooter is an online battle shooter where the action takes place in a dying world. It’s Time for the ultimate battle. Jump into the arena with your pixel warriors and establish your stronghold in the battlefield. Everyone has a real chance to survive and Take your pixel warrior through dangerous tasks and face countless enemies to claim ultimate victory. Players Enter the arena and eliminate all enemies using modern guns. You can increase your skills and you become the winner.

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