Top Best 5 Mobs to Tame in Minecraft 1.18

Different varieties of hostile mobs can be found in Minecraft. Players can tame some of them and even ride them. Taming Mobs is indeed a great perk in Minecraft.  Beginners who aren’t familiar with Minecraft 1.18 can read this post to learn about the Top Best 5 Mobs to tame in-game.

5 Parrots

Parrots are passive mobs found mostly in Minecraft jungle. They usually sit on players shoulders and mimic the sound of hostile mobs nearby. You can tame parrots in Minecraft by feeding seeds. Keep feeding them until you see the red hearts of their existence. When tamed, parrots will follow you everywhere.

4 Horses

Horses are the best creature to travel around the map in Minecraft. They can be tamed using bare hands until they are comfortable. Then equip them with a saddle. You can also equip a horse armour so they can take more damage.

3 Cats

Cats are lovable mobs in Minecraft. Taming cats is not a difficult task yet not easy as well. You can tame cats using cod or salmon. However, they aren’t so behaving initially, you have to chase a cat then feed it enough to tame them. Creepers are scared of cats in Minecraft and won’t come near you, plus point.

2 Wolves

Wolves are natural and best mobs to tame in Minecraft, spawned above grass blocks, dirt, coarse dirt, or podzol in forests. They can easily be tamed using bones. Wolves are one of the best companions, they assist you in combat, attack other mobs and help you.

1 Axolotls

Axolotls are rare creatures showing a feeling of empathy. Originally introduced in Minecraft 1.17 update, they mostly appear in the Lush cave biome of the Minecraft1.1.8 update. These empathetic creatures can be tamed using tropical fish. However, they aren’t loyal but won’t disappear.

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