Top Five Biome-Exclusive In Minecraft

Tons of different types of animals and mobs spawn in the Minecraft world. They can be beneficial to the players is numerous way as they drop useful items when killed.

Biomes are natural habitats which are randomly generated areas with unique geographical features, trees, mobs, temperatures and distinct colors for the sky, grass and water. 

However, not all the mobs spawn everywhere, a specific few are rarely seen. Here are the five most rarely seen biome-exclusive animals in Minecraft.

5. Ocelot

Ocelot are passive and can only be found in the jungle biome. Killing them would not get players anything significant apart from a few XP points. They are not tamable however players can gain Ocelot’s trust by feeding them raw cod or salmon.

4. Fox

They are spawned in the taiga, giant tree taiga and snowy taiga biomes. Similar to Ocelots, they do not drop anything significant apart from a few XP points. Players can also find a white variant of fox in the snowy taiga biome. Also, there is a 5% chance that Minecraft can spawn with an emerald in its mouth.

3. Panda

Panda are adorable animal mob that spawn only in the bamboo jungle biome. Pandas are initially neutral however they attack the player when provoked. They have seven personality traits which are – lazy, normal, playful, worried, aggressive, weak, or brown.

2. Parrot

Parrots are one of the most unique mobs that can be found in jungle biomes. There is only a 0.2% chance of them spawning in the Minecraft world. Players can also tame the parrots. Once done, they can be made to sit on player’s shoulder.

1. Mooshroom

Mooshroom is basically the red variant of the cow. It spawns in the mushroom biome, which is rare to occur at first place. Just like regular cows, mooshrooms can also be milked using a bucket.

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