Top Five Most Expensive Supercars In GTA Online

Apart from missions and role play elements, vehicles are a significant aspect of GTA Online. For sure vehicles can give you mobility and some even offensive capabilities, there are few vehicles which are just flex material.

Supercars are one of the, with also being known for being notoriously expensive in GTA Online, which creates exclusivity. Supercars being equipped with few armor upgrades, become a decently reliable means of transportation.

Here are the five most expensive supercars in GTA Online

5. Pegassi Tezeract

The Pegassi Tezeract is one of the fastest electric vehicles available on GTA Online. Players will quickly notice that it has extra downforce. This will help the car to achieve top speeds faster than most vehicles. Like many other supercars, the Tezeract offers advantage in street races.

4. Benefactor Krieger

This is one of the most stylish and expensive supercars in GTA Online. The vehicles is heavily inspired from the Mercedes-AMG One. The latter is a real-life hybrid vehicle that is not released to the masses. Players could make use of its speed, handling, and acceleration in races.

3. Grotti Vigilante

With the wild plays in GTA Online, players tend to be more inclined towards villains than heroes. To get a similar vehicle, players can get their hands on personal Batman vehicle. This vehicle allows players to seamlessly enter tight spaces in the midst of traffic and escape police from tight alleys.

2. Coil Rocket Voltic

As the name suggest, this vehicles comes equipped with gigantic rocket boost to make a quick escape. This is one of the notable gimmick of this supercar. However you will need to be careful while aiming their supercar to use rocket. With rocket active, the car can reach 124.5 miles per hour.

1. Declasse Scramjet

The Declasse Scramjet is of the most expensive vehicles in GTA Online. Costing almost five million dollars, to own this car players will need to grind for hours. The notable gimmick you will get with this car is the power of bunny hop. The car can climb building or evade obstacles by jumping.

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