Top GTA 5 Car Mods Every GTA Fan Should Try | FREE Download

Grand Theft Auto 5 by Rockstar Games is one of the most successful games on PC and mods could be another reason for it. The mods of GTA V let us play our favourite characters, maps and many more all brought together in a single game. GTA community is the best community out there and never fails to disappoint us. The frequent mod updates on recent events took GTA V game on another level and more enjoyable.

In this article, We’ve mentioned some best GTA 5 Car Mods to enjoy in an open-world environment of GTA.

GTA5KoRn Car Pack

GTA5KoRn Car Pack mod consists of 48 cars added to GTA 5 lineup from Chevrolet, Volkswagen to fastest cars by Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. This mod significantly turns the traffic in GTA 5 interestingly with some amazing cars.

Realistic Driving V

We all know about the realistic mod in GTA 5 which delivers an excellent and realistic graphic experience. Likewise, Realistic Driving V offers an immersive driving experience while you are in the car. This mod drastically increases the thrill of the game with realistic driving.

VanillaWorks Extended Pack

This mod complements the fashion model of the game. VanillaWorks is dedicated to balancing the original content of GTA 5, while at the same time offering a wide range of cars that inspire existing in-game models.

100 Bikes Add-On

If you are a bike lover, this is the perfect Mod for you. 100 Bikes Add is one of the popular GTA 5 mods. As the name says, the mod adds 100 revamped bike models for you to choose from and enjoy it in-game.

Wheelie Mod

Do you like performing stunts with vehicles in GTA? Wheelie Mod allows you to perform a terrible wheelie with any random cars in GTA 5. Tired of games traditional driving mechanics? Do give it a try. 

Steps to Install Mods:

1) Download Mod from above.

2) Once you have the file saved – extract its contents into a new folder

3) Drag the files (.dll and fov) into the GTA V root file folder looks like

C:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V.

4) Boot Your Game and you’re ready to go

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